A list of games available for free or low cost to get you started playing fantasy RPGs.

A lot of fantasy RPGs can be found online for free or in print for low cost. Here are just a few suggestions you can get into.


OSRIC – Old School Reference and Index Compilation
OSRIC is a retro clone of the first edition of AD&D available on many print on demand sites for a low price and in PDF for free. Could not hurt to download it for free and try it out.

BFRPG – Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game
BFRPG is a modern rule set with elements of OD&D. In my opinion it takes some popular new mechanics like ascending Armor Class and mixes them with some older mechanics to create a great take on the classic game. The books sell at cost through print on demand services making most of the anywhere from $5 to $3. Plus all the materials are free to download and print as you see fit.

S&W – Swords & Wizardry
Swords & Wizardry has a few variations and versions, so you might want to watch which is which. The PDF is available for free from the Frog God site, and other digital distributors like DriveThruRPG. There is an online System Reference Document (SRD) you can use. There was a print on demand version posted to DriveThruRPG just recently as well.